Star Trek: The Next Generation: Hide and Q (Season 1) [Bluray]


Q returns to the Enterprise to tempt Commander Riker into joining the Q Continuum with the lure of Q’s powers.

Review: This is the second of many Q episodes. I consider the Q episodes to be some of the best in The Next Generation series. Q returns during the Enterprise’s mission of mercy to rescue the survivors of an explosion on a Federation colony. Q wants to play games and kidnaps the crew to the surface of a planet where an approaching platoon of deadly nonhuman soldiers. Q offers Riker the power of the Q in the hopes that Riker will join the Q Continuum. Riker at first refuses but then uses his new power in a moment of desperation to save his shipmates. In the end, Riker realizes something of himself from the power he has gained. Riker would give everyone of the crew whatever they wanted, but it backfired on him when they are rejected by the crew.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Quote of the episode: “”Drink not with thine enemy.” The rigid Klingon code. Explains something of why you defeated them.” – Q


Season 1, Episode 10
Prod #: ST:TNG 111
Air Date: 11.23.87
Stardate: 41590.5

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