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Star Trek: The Next Generation: Haven (Season 1) [Bluray]

Preview: Lwaxana Troi visits her daughter, Counselor Troi, and prepares her for an arranged marriage. Review: Troi is scheduled to meet for the first time her husband-to-be, Wyatt Miller, as suggested by a traditional Betazoid arranged marriage. This is the first episode that we meet Lwaxana Troi. She makes the epidoses she’s in so much […]

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Hide and Q (Season 1) [Bluray]

Preview: Q returns to the Enterprise to tempt Commander Riker into joining the Q Continuum with the lure of Q’s powers. Review: This is the second of many Q episodes. I consider the Q episodes to be some of the best in The Next Generation series. Q returns during the Enterprise’s mission of mercy to […]