Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Naked Now (Season 1) [Bluray]


The crew of the Enterprise find the crew of a scientific vessel dead. They soon fall prey to a mysterious, communicable contaminant causing the crew to experience symptoms similar to alcohol intoxication, threatening the lives of all aboard the ship.

Review: Ah, being drunk without having to spend money. Kids will love this, especially Wesley Crusher. He takes over the ship. After that, the crew gets frisky and they must figure out how to out run a star that is beginning to collapse. It?s a fun episode. Captain and the Doctor first hint to their romance and Data shows that he’s “fully functional.” I really enjoyed this episode, very close to the Star Trek: The Original Series, The Naked Time in which Captain Kirk’s Enterprise catches a similar virus. Although, they try to use the same formula that Kirk used, but it doesn’t work. Now they race against time to figure out a new one.

My Rating: 3 out of 5

Quote of the episode: ?Data, I?m only going to tell you this just once: it never happened.? ? Tasha Yar


Season 1, Episode 3
Prod #: ST:TNG 103
Air Date: 10.5.87
Stardate: 41209.2

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