Star Trek: The Next Generation: Haven (Season 1) [Bluray]


Lwaxana Troi visits her daughter, Counselor Troi, and prepares her for an arranged marriage.

Review: Troi is scheduled to meet for the first time her husband-to-be, Wyatt Miller, as suggested by a traditional Betazoid arranged marriage. This is the first episode that we meet Lwaxana Troi. She makes the epidoses she’s in so much better. It’s an okay episode that mixes up things at the end when the Tarellians get involved. Tarellians were thought to have died years ago, but they didn’t. Wyatt decides to go with them to save their race and Troi is off the hook to get married to someone she didn’t want to.

My Rating: 3 out of 5

Quote of the episode: “No, that wasn’t telepathy, it was just common sense. Who else would they send to greet me but the Captain?” – Lwaxana Troi


Season 1, Episode 11
Prod #: ST:TNG 105
Air Date: 11.30.87
Stardate: 41294.5

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Hide and Q (Season 1) [Bluray]


Q returns to the Enterprise to tempt Commander Riker into joining the Q Continuum with the lure of Q’s powers.

Review: This is the second of many Q episodes. I consider the Q episodes to be some of the best in The Next Generation series. Q returns during the Enterprise’s mission of mercy to rescue the survivors of an explosion on a Federation colony. Q wants to play games and kidnaps the crew to the surface of a planet where an approaching platoon of deadly nonhuman soldiers. Q offers Riker the power of the Q in the hopes that Riker will join the Q Continuum. Riker at first refuses but then uses his new power in a moment of desperation to save his shipmates. In the end, Riker realizes something of himself from the power he has gained. Riker would give everyone of the crew whatever they wanted, but it backfired on him when they are rejected by the crew.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Quote of the episode: “”Drink not with thine enemy.” The rigid Klingon code. Explains something of why you defeated them.” – Q


Season 1, Episode 10
Prod #: ST:TNG 111
Air Date: 11.23.87
Stardate: 41590.5

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Battle (Season 1) [Bluray]


A Ferengi captain returns the abandoned Stargazer to its former captain, Jean-Luc Picard. Picard, who experiences severe headaches, begins to relive the “Battle of Maxia” in which he lost the ship.

Review: Another good episode here, and one and first with the Ferengi. Gerengi and the Enterprise meet up. While waiting, finally, the Ferengi reveal the purpose of their trip is to return to the Federation the USS Stargazer, a ship that Picard had once on and for which he was credited with a particularly important maneuver, one that is now taught in battle tactics at the Academy. “The Picard Maneuver.” Picard is please to see his old ship but he has been suffering from headaches lately and while Dr. Crusher is concerned, the Captain just goes on as usual. Picard’s condition worsens as it is revealed a member of the Ferengi crew is out to avenge the death of his son in the battle for which Picard gained such recognition. It’s left to Commander Riker and his Ferengi counterpart to sort it all out. What is cool is they figure out a way to stop the Picard Maneuver when Picard is under the influence of the Ferengi. In the end, they are saved again!

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Quote of the episode: “Very strange, Number One. Like going back to the house you grew up in, but no one’s home – except phantoms of the past.” – Captain Picard


Season 1, Episode 9
Prod #: ST:TNG 110
Air Date: 11.16.87
Stardate: 41723.9

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Justice (Season 1) [Bluray]


Wesley breaks an idyllic world’s trivial law by accidentally stepping on flowers and faces the death sentence. .

Review: A lot of people didn’t like this episode. I did. I like the fact that ignorance isn’t a reason to get out of doing something wrong. But what about if you didn’t know you were doing something wrong? Well this episode goes through that. The Enterprise and the crew think they’ve found the ideal place for a bit of rest and recreation. The local population is made up of beautiful people who are open, honest and very, very friendly. Picard sends Riker and an away team to check if the local conditions are as ideal as they seem on the surface. They learn that while the people are all that they have been made out to be, they also have only one form of punishment regardless of the severity of the transgression: death. When Wesley Crusher damages some flowers, he is caught by Mediators who are judge, jury and executioner. Picard has no intention of letting any member of his crew be executed but has to find a way to do so that will respect the local culture as well as the Federation’s prime directive. It was a solid episode that makes you root for Wesley for once. Haha. :-)

My Rating: 3 out of 5

Quote of the episode: “When has justice ever been as simple as a rulebook?” – Commander Riker


Season 1, Episode 8
Prod #: ST:TNG 109
Air Date: 11.09.87
Stardate: 41255.6

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Lonely Among Us (Season 1) [Bluray]


An alien entity possesses Dr. Crusher, Worf, and Picard while the Enterprise is transporting delegates from two feuding planets.

Review: First part of the story is when the enterprise is to take two enemy species, the Anticans and Selayans, to Parlament. On the way, a mysterious energy pattern that starts by zapping Worf before transferring to Dr. Crusher and then the Enterprise’s computer system. Eventually it kills an engineer Singh. Finally, it ends up in Captain Picard, taking control of his mind and body. Will Picard survive? Of course the crew figures out a way to get him back to his normal self. It was an okay episode.

My Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Quote of the episode: “We must fall back on the old axiom, that when other contingencies fail, whatever remains, however improbable… must be the truth.” – Lt. Commander Data.


Season 1, Episode 7
Prod #: ST:TNG 108
Air Date: 11.02.87
Stardate: 41249.3

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Where No One Has Gone Before (Season 1) [Bluray]


Warp efficiency tests send the Enterprise traveling far beyond known space, where the crew’s imagination takes on real form. First appearance of Eric Menyuk as The Traveler.

Review: The visuals of this episode for 1987 were amazing and even more amazing when it was remastered for Bluray. The crew feels the inputs from Kosinski are bogus. They were right, it was the Traveler who ends up sending the Enterprise 2.7 million light-years away. The Traveler almost dies trying to get the Enterprise back to where they were. Good episode. Another one I enjoyed. Wesley Crusher is deemed a gifted person by the Traveler. He is suppose to be someone great, only the seasons upcoming will tell if the Traveler is correct. Picard decides to make Wesley an acting ensign. The visuals, again, are stunning… I have included a couple below. Enjoy.

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Quote of the episode: “Captain’s log, stardate 41263.2 – This will be a rather unusual log entry, assuming Starfleet ever receives it. As I already informed my crew, a phenomenal surge of power during a warp speed experiment has sent our starship hurtling out of our own galaxy and past another, taking us over 2,700,000 light years – in a few minutes.” – Captain Picard


Season 1, Episode 6
Prod #: ST:TNG 106
Air Date: 10.28.87
Stardate: 41263.1

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Last Outpost (Season 1) [Bluray]


An unknown force immobilizes the Enterprise during the Federation’s first encounter with a new alien threat?the Ferengi.

Review: In the first few episodes that the Ferengi are in, they seem to come off as not very in depth, lacking something. Thankfully, as the seasons go on, it improved. So the Enterprise attempts to make contact with the Ferengi after they “steal” an energy converter from a Federation outpost. This is the first encounter. Picard thinks the Ferengi has them in a force field and surrenders for the second time this season already. Ferengi thinks Picard is doing it to them. Then they realize that it wasn’t either of them and it was actually Portal. Portal is a guardian of the Tkon Empire. It goes on from there as Riker and Portal become “buddies.” And the ship is saved again from the mistaken harm that Portal was doing to it.

My Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Quote of the episode: “Fear is the true enemy, the only enemy.” – Commander William Riker


Season 1, Episode 5
Prod #: ST:TNG 107
Air Date: 10.18.87
Stardate: 41386.4

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Code of Honor (Season 1) [Bluray]


Lt. Yar is abducted by the leader of a people who abide by a strict code of honor, which requires her participation in a fight to the death.

Review: Well, if you were a huge fan of Star Trek: The Original Series, this was right in line with that. Some regard this episode as being one of the worst (besides the clip episode at end of season two) in the Star Trek: The Next Generation. The plot is not the greatest. I didn’t think it really advanced the crew in terms in development early on in the first season. Very disappointing. The 1.5 out of 5 might be generous, but I am reserving the 0 out of 5 for the clip show. Even the acting in the action screens with both Yar and Yareena were not good. At least Picard got his vaccine he needed. Yay! The episode also saw the first appearance of the black and yellow grid structure of the empty holodeck. Captain Picard showed pride in his French heritage in “Code of Honor”. This character quirk was only repeated in the following episode “The Last Outpost” before being removed from the character. Which was too bad, I would have liked to seen more of that in future episodes.

My Rating: 1.5 out of 5

Quote of the episode: ?Includling the kiddlies! Now, see that?s funny!? ? Geordie La Forge to Data


Season 1, Episode 4
Prod #: ST:TNG 104
Air Date: 10.12.87
Stardate: 41235.25

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Naked Now (Season 1) [Bluray]


The crew of the Enterprise find the crew of a scientific vessel dead. They soon fall prey to a mysterious, communicable contaminant causing the crew to experience symptoms similar to alcohol intoxication, threatening the lives of all aboard the ship.

Review: Ah, being drunk without having to spend money. Kids will love this, especially Wesley Crusher. He takes over the ship. After that, the crew gets frisky and they must figure out how to out run a star that is beginning to collapse. It?s a fun episode. Captain and the Doctor first hint to their romance and Data shows that he’s “fully functional.” I really enjoyed this episode, very close to the Star Trek: The Original Series, The Naked Time in which Captain Kirk’s Enterprise catches a similar virus. Although, they try to use the same formula that Kirk used, but it doesn’t work. Now they race against time to figure out a new one.

My Rating: 3 out of 5

Quote of the episode: ?Data, I?m only going to tell you this just once: it never happened.? ? Tasha Yar


Season 1, Episode 3
Prod #: ST:TNG 103
Air Date: 10.5.87
Stardate: 41209.2

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Encounter at Farpoint (Season 1) [Bluray]


The new starship Enterprise begins her maiden voyage by uncovering the mysteries of an advanced space station. The crew’s mission is threatened by an omnipotent being named Q, who puts them (and specifically, Captain Jean-Luc Picard) on trial for the crimes of all humanity.

I’ve watched this series through about four times. I’ve decided that I would put my website to good use and add my thoughts about each episode as I go through the seasons and movies related to The Next Generation. I have reposted this, watching the Bluray version. After watching the Bluray version, I have updated my rating from 3 out of 5 to 3.5 out of 5 because of the great update in image quality from the DVD version to Bluray version.

Review: Encounter at Farpoint was the pilot episode to, in my opinion, the best Star Trek series. The first season just came out on Bluray and looks amazing, it’s too bad this season wasn’t too stellar. This episode wasn’t that great, but I gave it a 3/5 because it established “Q”. He will be the key to many great episodes in the seasons to come. Yes, it wasn’t a great episode, but it did enough to establish the characters of the series. Well done in that regard. The plot itself was not that great. It was kinda blah, for lack of other words. But that comes from someone who has seen this series many times.

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Quote of the episode: “If we’re going to be damned, let’s be damned for what we really are.” – Captain Picard


Prod #: ST:TNG 721
Air Date: 9.28.87
Stardate: 41153.7